Handmade gourd  lamps by Aggelos Rigas

Handmade%20gourd%20light%204%20by%20Aggelos%20Rigas webHandmade%20gourd%20light%201 wide%20by%20Aggelos%20Rigas-web

The luminaire demonstrates its design on the walls of a dark room, each time transforming space in an everlasting, extraordinary way.

The creation of handmade lamps is a combination of ideas and experiences. Every sculpture, every cutting, and processing of materials are characteristic features of the ritual of making handmade lamps. It is how I attribute my inspiration to new creations, such as lamps made of wood and gourds. The mating of the imperfect circular shape of the gourd with the even, circular form of the wood gave birth to the ideas I was carrying inside me.

Handmade%20gourd%20light%206%20by%20Aggelos%20Rigas webHandmade%20gourd%20light%207%20by%20Aggelos%20Rigas web
placeholder imageHandmade%20gourd%20light%2013%20by%20Aggelos%20Rigas web

Through carved wood, the grace of light finds its way to fascinate the senses.

The wooden lamp base and the carved gourd as the protagonist perfect an elaborate spectacle that aims to transform space through its warm decoration.
The base of the handmade lamps uses different kinds of wood and plywood -molded on the lathe. My lampshades are crafted of Senegalese gourds and finished with hand-drawn geometric representations. The compass and ruler vie with synergy to grant a kindred warm effect, while the light penetrates the gourd revealing its xyloid veins, giving the feeling of a living object.

Handmade%20gourd%20light%2012%20by%20Aggelos%20Rigas webHandmade%20gourd%20lamp%205 close%20up%20by%20Aggelos%20Rigas-web
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Based in the stable climate of Thessaloniki, Greece, my workshop is a sanctuary for my handmade crafts. I aspire to share my passion for ethically-sourced, elegant woodworking with the rest of the world, creating light through art and vice versa. I hope my art brightens your days and nights and a space within your home. Let us connect.

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