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Industrial Design LED floor Lamp for the minimalist in you!

Beautifully Crafted from Natural Wood Veneers, Flow Base Lamp effortlessly draws attention to the eye. Layer after layer of carefully selected wood pieces is pressed and joined with care.
The sleek, smooth curves flow in any space, home or office, providing a unique lighting effect. Adjustable and energy-efficient LEDs give out just the right amount of light and create a cosy spot for reading, resting or simply admiring.

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Flow minimal%20design%20floor%20lamp_black%20matte
Flow minimal%20design%20floor%20lamp_oak
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An art piece custom made for you!

Throughout my involvement with handmade lamps, I took the opportunity to collaborate with various artists and craftspeople in the genre. Thus, a new concept for a floor lamp was born, the creation of which posed a challenge. Bending the wood was the initial idea, which came to life with the help of friends and associates.  By day the handmade wooden lamps model as sculptures with their elegant design, while by night, they grace the area with the warm color of the light.
Finished by hand, every detail & curve is worked over again and again to perfection. The only problem is picking your favourite colour!

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Based in the stable climate of Thessaloniki, Greece, my workshop is a sanctuary for my handmade crafts. I aspire to share my passion for ethically-sourced, elegant woodworking with the rest of the world, creating light through art and vice versa. I hope my art brightens your days and nights and a space within your home. Let us connect.

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