My name is Aggelos Rigas. I bring forth the beauty of the earthy fragments I collect, reshape and refine for your home.

About me

At a young age, experimenting with manual skills crossed paths with my fascination with light and its sources. It started as a hobby, and thanks to my father, I familiarized myself with various tools scattered around the house, which allowed me to explore numerous materials and test their synergy with light.

In 2015, a unique raw material provided me with a fresh medium for my handmade creations: the Senegalese gourd. Graven with precision, I introduce carved gourd lamps that laid the groundwork for a playful yet contemporary aspect.
The unseen fundamentals behind my work lie in my ethos and convictions, fueled by my experience. I seek the finest raw materials, feeling them with my bare hands and studying them closely while ensuring their sustainability and environmentally conscious harvest.

We carve and shape our world just as I shape these lamps. That is why composting and using what the earth provides is part of my production process.

“These handmade masterpieces never seize to captivate. They entice, inspire, and always accompany me during my favorite activities. Whether I'm practicing yoga, reading on my kindle, or simply lounging after a long day with a hot beverage, the warmth of the light is a constant spectacle.”
-Amalia H.

"Aggelos wood art lamps are a perfect fit for the sophisticated individual, an elegant addition to an urban lifestyle”.
-Konstantinos P.

Rigas Aggelos-3-choosing%20the%20correct%20wood-small%20pofile%20photo%20webRigas Aggelos-3-choosing%20the%20correct%20wood-small%20pofile%20photo%20web

Selecting the right piece of wood is a blissful process.
Every piece is unique since it has its character and its own story. Care must be taken before forming it into another shape.

Rigas Aggelos-3-choosing%20the%20correct%20wood-small%20pofile%20photo%20webRigas Aggelos-15-hands-wood%20sawing-web

Through carved wood, the grace of light finds its way to fascinate the senses.

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Based in the stable climate of Thessaloniki, Greece, my workshop is a sanctuary for my handmade crafts. I aspire to share my passion for ethically-sourced, elegant woodworking with the rest of the world, creating light through art and vice versa. I hope my art brightens your days and nights and a space within your home. Let us connect.

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