Aggelos Rigas: Handcrafted wood Lamps from Greece with Love

I create beautiful and sustainable lamps from reclaimed timber and natural materials. Each lamp is a piece of art that brings warmth and light to your home or office. Contact me, and let me craft a lamp just for you!

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A house is not a home until adorned to your liking. Fill the space under your roof, near the entrance or patio, with one-of-a-kind fine art lamps.

These handmade lighting fixtures are the sustainable consortium of nature and man. Locally sourced Beeches and Oaks meant for firewood are given new life through these Greek handmade energy-efficient lamps. Wood and gourd achieve perfection as ecological products, while I feed my insurmountable passion through the synergy of natural and human creation.

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Home%20Gourd custom%20lamp-1-by%20Aggelos%20Rigas
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Do you need a custom project? Get in touch!

Based in the stable climate of Thessaloniki, Greece, my workshop is a sanctuary for my handmade crafts. I aspire to share my passion for ethically-sourced, elegant woodworking with the rest of the world, creating light through art and vice versa. I hope my art brightens your days and nights and a space within your home. Let us connect.

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